Research Interests

queer and feminist science studies; transpacific Asian/American studies; performance studies; science and speculative fiction; queer of color critique; posthumanism and new materialisms; militarism and settler colonialism in Asia and the Pacific

Current Research

My larger dissertation project examines how U.S. scientific knowledge production in the Cold War era organized the racial logics of the Vietnam War in Asia and the Pacific. Deploying posthumanist and speculative reading practices towards different aesthetic, artistic, and literary forms as well as historical and scientific documents, I explore how science—ideologically and materially— conditions U.S. militarism and settler colonialism in a new era of racial science that redefines the subject of the “human.” By exploring the Vietnam War as the nexus of both Cold War ideological conflicts as well as material, “on the ground” military conflicts, I am interested in the constitution of militarization in sites other than the battleground—the laboratory, human and nonhuman ecologies, and the university—to demonstrate that the ongoing attention to spectacular sites of war often elides militarism’s more insidious entanglements with institutions of scientific knowledge production.

Photo by Vinh Bui